Counselling, Coaching and Supervision in Wakefield

Helen Lill M.A. B.A. Hons Dip. H.E. Grad. Dip. Counselling Dip. Supervision ILM Coaching

My aim is to offer a relationship, which provides the elements essential for personal and professional development within a working alliance. I offer a reflective place for professional practitioners and students that is supportive, creative and educational. This allows you to review, explore, create and question whilst gaining feedback, validation and insight in relation to your practice, in addition to awareness of any of your own potential issues.

My approach is person centred and integrative. I use elements of Page and Wosket’s Cyclical Model, Hawkins and Shohet’s Supervision in the Helping Professions also influences me. My Diploma was undertaken at York St John University in 2004 and I am very interested in Supervision in Organisational settings, given my background in Organisation Development.

Coaching Supervision

Whilst supervision for Coaches is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended as a way of enhancing a coach’s style and approach. As standards develop in the field of professional and executive coaching it is expected that supervision will be required by leading bodies in the field.

As a Coaching Supervisor I offer continuing support, learning and personal development. Supervision acts as a form of quality control and a check that the process is running smoothly and that all key areas are being covered. From time to time clients can become stuck and it can be that there are other psychological issues involved, sabotaging the coaching process. It is often unclear just when it would be best to refer a coaching client for counselling or psychotherapy. As a qualified counsellor and coach I would look at this together discussing when it may be necessary to refer a client on for other professional help.

Coaching will inevitably raise issues within the coach themselves from time to time. Issues in the client may well trigger similar unresolved issues in the coach. This may well affect the coach’s capacity to work clearly. Supervision in counselling and in therapeutic contexts will often focus on transference and counter transference relationship themes. It is not unusual for similar issues to arise within the coaching relationship also.

For my professional development and understanding of supervision I am part of a group of supervisors called the Yorkshire Supervisors’ Forum. The group meets regularly to discuss topics and issues relevant to supervision and to support each other in this work.

If you would like to contact me to discuss things further:

My fees are: £55 - £60 per one hour session.

I offer a concession to counselling and coaching students.

Please telephone or email me for further information.